About Us

A heritage of gathering and bounty. Because life is rich.

Quality & Taste

Rooted in the tradition of one of the world’s richest fishing grounds which brought expeditions from around the globe to gather in its abundance, Grand Banker Wine Cellars brings exceptional wines from around the world to be cellared and nurtured in the heart of Atlantic Canada. 

Our mission is to bring Atlantic Canadians outstanding varietal-focussed wines. Our team of winemakers and sommeliers has the passion and expertise to curate an extraordinary portfolio of varietals and vintages to best fit your lifestyle. 

Life Size

Fitting wine into your favourite pastimes and celebrations is easiest when the format fits. 

Choose from our 750 mL and 1.5 L bottle formats or make travel and sharing wine easiest with our durable, light and space-efficient 3 litre bag format. Equal to four 750 ml bottles, our easy-to-carry 3 litre eco-bag design makes it ideal for picnics or camping, leaving no bottles or boxes to worry about. 

Life Style

Caring for each other by caring for our environment. 

Our innovative 3 L packaging prevents oxidation, cork taint and spoilage. Your wine will stay fresh for weeks after opening. A model of innovation, our wine eco-bags feature a limited carbon footprint and environmental impact. Less packaging means less waste in landfills. Due to the shape and light weight, transportation is far more efficient, which means fewer trucks are on the road and less carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

Grand Banker Family of Wines